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React Hooks Projects Course 2019 : Build 4 Real Applications

Online Courses Udemy - React Hooks Projects Course 2019 : Build 4 Real Applications, Learn React Hooks (useState , useEffect , useMemo , useContext , etc) By Building and Deploying 4 real projects

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What are react hooks?

React hooks are the biggest update to the react core up to date

Hooks let you get the advantages of using a class component in function components

Why should I care about hooks?

Because this feature is the future of React and learning this feature now while building projects using it will set you apart from competition since it's still very new.

What will this course cover?

We will begin with explaining all the major hooks and learn about the general rules of using React hooks while building a form and using an external API

and then you will :

Learn how to use react context with react hooks

Learn about and use React-Router

Learn about using the local storage to save our data

Learn how to build your own custom hooks

Learn how to deploy your applications

Build 4 projects that will teach you all the main aspects of using React hooks , React-Router and React Context in actual projects


Who this course is for :

Those interested in learning about React hooks.

Those who want to learn about React context and/or how to use it with hooks.

Those who want to learn about using the local storage.

Those who want to learn about using React-Router.

Those who want to know how to use the latest React features to build real projects , as well as how to deploy them.

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