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The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router)

The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router)
The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router)
Online Courses Udemy - Just published! Follow the same curriculum I teach my students in SF. 10+ projects including one HUGE application!
  • Created by Colt Steele
  •  English [Auto-generated]


What you'll learn
  • React Hooks! (My favorite part of React!)
  • The new Context API
  • State management w/ useReducer + use Context (Redux Lite)
  • The basics of React (props, state, etc)
  • Master React Router
  • Build tons of projects, each with a beautiful interface
  • React State Management Patterns
  • Drag & Drop With React
  • Writing dynamically styled components w/ JSS
  • Common React Router Patterns
  • Work with tons of libraries and tools
  • Integrate UI libraries like Material UI and Bootstrap into your React apps
  • React Design Patterns and Strategies
  • Learn the ins and outs of JSS!
  • Learn how to easily use React to build responsive apps
  • Add complex animations to React projects
  • Debug and Fix buggy React code
  • Optimize React components
  • Integrate React with APIs
  • Learn the basics of Webpack in a free mini-course!
  • DOM events in React
  • Forms and complex validations in React
  • Using Context API w/ Hooks

  • You'll need some experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but you don't need to be an expert.
  • You don't need advanced JavaScript knowledge. ES7 features are explained in the course as we go.
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