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Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training

Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training, Learn and Use the Future of JavaScript - today

  • Created by Maximilian Schwarzm├╝ller
  •  English
  •  English, Spanish [Auto-generated]


Learn modern JavaScript!

Modern JavaScript, ES6 (ECMAScript 6), is the next big thing in the World of JavaScript! It adds tons of new Features, Methods, Objects and Helpers and the earlier you feel confident using them, the better!

Get the All-In-One Package Today!

This course follows a hands-on, example-driven approach to show and explain all the important Features added to JavaScript. This includes important Syntax Changes and Additions like let, const, Rest & Spread Operators and continues with Promises, the Reflect API, the Proxy API, Maps & Sets, Tons of new Methods and Functions and much more!

At the End of the Course, we'll even build a complete Project, using many of the new Features shown throughout the Course!

Benefit from my Knowledge as both, a freelance Web Developer and a 5-Star Instructor

As a freelance Web Developer, using JavaScript is my day-to-day work and therefore I always found it annoying the ES6 Resources are scattered out all over the Web. I created this Course to share my Knowledge on ES6 with you!

I love passing my Knowledge to other People and my various, 5-star rated Courses here on Udemy as well as my successful YouTube channel are the best proof of that. 

Who this course is for:
Students who have experience with "current-generation" JavaScript (ES5) and know the basics of the language
Students also taking my JavaScript Bootcamp course to have a nice follow-up on it
Everyone interested in the new Features and Additions, ES6 brings to JavaScript

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