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Unreal Engine Game Environment design MasterClass

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Unreal Engine Game Environment design MasterClass

Unreal Engine Game Environment design MasterClass - 
Learn How to Create AAA game environment using unreal engine 4
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  • Created by Nabil Kechiche
  • English
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In this course, we will create a professional next gen-game environment using state of the art tools & resources
here a general idea about the main points in this course :
-how to properly use megascans & unreal engine to create RayTraced game environments.
-use tiled textures from megascans to create modular pieces or custom pieces ( around 35-40 custom one made using 3Dsmax ).
-setup a wide variety of advanced shaders.
-learn how to make the overall environment blends together very well.
- how to properly use & reuse decals.
- using foliage to enhance the scene look by placing them in a smart way.
- create custom masks for stuff like windows glass using substance painter.
-learn how to tweak megascan PBR textures to make them more usable.
- storytelling through level design.
- fake destroyed assets eg: walls.
- use unreal blueprints to create splines tools that support both instancing & a procedural mesh.
- make sure the blueprints tools we created more extendable & more artist-friendly.
- we will cover a bit of VFX & their shaders...
- lightning alongside raytracing/post-process & other effects.
AND MUCH MORE ... The best way to describe this course is: become a one-man army, & it's not for beginners... there is no time lamps & no pre-planned stuff or something . students will be able to follow me live digging my way to the end.

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